Cheonjeyeon waterfalls(천제연 폭포)

Address : Cheonjeyeon-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
Phone : 82-64-760-6331

Cheonjaeyeon means “god's pond” because, according to legend, fairies of the King of the Heaven came here at night to take a bath. The first waterfall of Cheonjaeyeon is 22m in height and 21m deep. The water flow of the second waterfall is 30m wide. The view of Cheonjaeyeon from the arch-shaped Seonimgyo bridge is magnificent. Spring water gushes all year round between the precipice of Cheonjaeyeon and the clay layers underneath. The water from the eastern part of the first waterfall has been used as drinking water. Yeomiji Botanical Garden and many other tourist attractions are nearby.

Hours 08:00 ~ 18:00 (depending on the time of sunset)
Adults 2,500 won (Groups 2,050 won) Youths/Soldiers/Children 1,350 won (Groups 850 won)

 Amenities Tourist Information Center, Seonimgyo

resource above is taken from the website of JEJU.


Back again.

How have you been all my followers?

I know only 3 people follow me.

lol .. It is going better and bigger.

Today is a...........

I am going back to the time when i was at Cheonjeyeon Waterfall in Jeju

It was huge and big and wonderful 

and like crystal-like water and pure and fresh air

Once you get into

you can adventure this.

So beautiful and what a reflection.

My family got a photo taken with calm surroundings.

and going to the another 2nd place

different type of water falls in one site

with a light walking, you can see the many waterfalls.

almost dried stream...........coming through...

My mon was tired from restless tours and gave up the tour.

what what what what is that....................

is is is

a bridge.


try to make you curious...


what a poor English ability.

bridge in the mountain.

                               my mom made it to get on the bridge and posed 
                               with my father

                               So lovely pictures ah?

                               tall palm trees can be seen from the bridge

                               This tourist attraction was so huge and marvelous

If elder people and physically disabled person visit here,

they should bear a patience to walk long time......

almost waterfalls are located through the deep mountain and 

tourists must take a walk on the bit of dangerous stairs in the mountain.

Anyway it was one of the most wonderful waterfalls ever i have seen.

If you are strong and willing to walk long time.

take a ticket at Cheonjeyeon waterfall!

Next tourist attraction will be...........................

Guess where!!!